Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E (CVVP) is a non-profit economic interest group whose purpose is to develop and improve operational results of the varieties it manages.
Our management model guarantees independence and transparency of information through:

The defence of industrial property rights.

Processing of LICENCES.

Defence of operation rights, inspection and monitoring in the field.

Database and website management.

Detection of irregularities.

Information on the variety.

Variety identification and tracing systems.



Work to a high standard with the greatest. We are pioneers in Spain in the management of varieties.



A job well done and endorsed by our team ensures impeccable variety management



Our team and experience guarantee that any variety, from anywhere in the world, is well-managed in Spain.



We share the excitement of the most enthusiastic: you, the variety breeder.


We currently manage the following varieties. Find out more:

Spontaneous mutation of the Oronules variety, early and productive.

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Very early mutation of the naveline 7.5. Round in shape and long harvest period.

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High-quality mutation of the Clementine x Murcott mandarin. Red-orange colour and round in shape.

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Late season mandarin. Exceptional quality and flavour. Red-orange colour and easy to peel.

More information

Early lemon, seedless and thin skin.

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The late fine lemon that arrives on time. Primofiori-fino spontaneous mutation.

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Early navel orange with red flesh. Spontaneous Navelina mutation.

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