Making money off the land and as Nadorcott reinvents it. The late ripening mandarin Nadorcott is a paradigm of new citriculture. It is a revolutionary change in the fields and it has been the farmer’s solution to survive in hard times. According to many farmers, it is a “…just as well I opted for it”.

Nadorcott is the variety par excellence; a lifesaver in a world where the citriculture was stagnant.

The Fortuna mandarin was going bust due to the Alternaria alternata fungus that attacks this variety, after having been a star. Nadorcott was running as an alternative to carry on in this citrus fruit world. And it has been more surprising than expected. Nadorcott started to be and still is a mandarin that the farmer makes money off.

It is really profitable, because this fruit tree works, it produces and it is hardy. There are many advantages to be had by cultivating it, which make it very sustainable and environmentally friendly, such as the fact that it needs little water. However, Nadorcott is much more than just that. It is genuine, because it favours the continuation of a sector, because it helps those who believe in it get economic returns and earn money, which has enabled them to carry on creating jobs, revitalizing and bringing happiness to the land.

Nadorcott impresses farmers on all levels. It allows for the continuation of La Fortuna

– it is the variety and the reality of many farmers-; it has taken off perfectly, in the fields and in the stores. It is superb because of its colour, shape, taste, flavour, potential and its management model is exciting.

The Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas breaks “the ice and the shell” and it takes the leading role in the management of this protected plant variety. Adding value and appreciating the farmer and the citriculture, has been its manifesto. To develop and give a genuine guarantee of the basis of its model. A model that can be chosen by the farmers who opted for it and continue to grow and develop it.

It is a “just as well” that I have it so that I can carry on operating in this competitive sector. Because each year, each season, it enables famers to “end” on a positive note. Nadorcott has changed the whole panorama, so much so that the Spanish citriculture has been distinguished in two seasons; the first for the quality and the quantity with very competitive prices and the second, where Nadorcott rules among the late ripening mandarins and sets high prices that result in profits being earned off the land at the end of the year.

This variety has arrived just at the right time and it has more to offer than any farmer could imagine. Here the saying “nothing ventured nothing gained” is definitely true, for all the farmers who grow it.

The first, the original, the profitable and the one that you win with. Just as well… is something that the farmers, who opted for the variety and continue to do so, say over and over again.

It will go down in history, as an anecdote and as evolution of the sector. Nadorcott breaks new ground; its successors follow. But it was the first, the one that gave new life. It is currently the economic engine of this sector, which thanks to its profits, has been able to continue, transform farms, carry on developing and make it possible for the farmers to have some well-earned money once again, at the end of a long and hard campaign.

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