When we talk about Nadorcott, we do it with pride and with the guarantee of a fruit that has been and is successful at all levels:
– Profitable for the grower
– Sustainable because of its low water requirements
– Excellent in flavor and homogeneity
– Hardly any pests or cultivation problems

It is, no doubt, a TOP late season mandarin. But this success is backed by its manager, the Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (The Club). An entity that directs, in Spain and Portugal, the varietal management of this excellent mandarin. An entity that, since 2008, has been developing an unprecedented model of variety management.

More than a thousand growers and the best marketers have been able to develop their business thanks to the dedication and professionalism of THE CLUB. Management of licenses, monitoring of legal and illegal crops, defense, fight against fraud and total search of a yield that helps the valuation, year after year, of this variety.

A model developed for success that focuses on legitimacy and ensures the free commercialization of the product. A model based on the pillars of protection, inspection, control, audits, certification and defense of the rights of the business exploitation of the Nadorcott variety.

The Club has been a pioneer in developing an exploitation model with property rights. A model that has opted for the comprehensive and participatory management. A team of professionals that has been able to evolve and adapt to the bureaucratic needs and legal procedures of Nadorcott. The couple Club and Nadorcott has managed to obtain a protected, remarkable and profitable product with a recognized identity.

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