Clemcott, registered trade mark, has once again been present in the Fruit Logistica 2017 edition.

Alongside Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E, Clemcott was present at CVVP’s stand where producers and traders were able to see the exceptional characteristics of the fruit, guaranteed by the brand, at first sight.

CVVP took advantage of the edition to represent all the varieties it manages (Leanri, m7, Nadorcott and Summer Prim), as well as the Clemcott trade mark.

Clemclott stands out as being a unique mandarin, because it is available on the market from January to April. In addition, its quality is guaranteed by the field and manufacturing facility certification, and it is distinguished from the rest of the mandarins.

Its exceptional characteristics, the homogeneity of the fruit, its intense colour, easy peeling, exquisite aroma and flavour, among others, make it a unique and excellent fruit that experts and consumers alike appreciate and value.

Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E is the entity that endorses and manages the Clemcott trade mark and guarantees that its production and trading is handled in a legitimate manner.

Clemcott is currently in the middle of a promotional campaign on the different European markets under the slogan: “good things are worth waiting for”, because even if you arrive late it doesn’t mean you are the last. Clemcott is the benchmark of late season mandarins, the first to receive quality certification.

Clemcott’s guaranteed quality is identified by its unmistakeable guarantee label, Blacklabel, which appears on its secondary packaging.

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