Information about the next Fruit Attraction edition

The next edition of the Fruit Attraction trade fair will be held from the 20 th to the 22 nd of October, using a mixed format: in-person and virtual, as announced by the Organizing Committee of FRUIT ATTRACTION.

The objective of this unprecedented mixed format is to be able to continue providing exhibitors and visitors with business opportunities, in compliance with the new strict safety and health standards established for the participants. Special attention is expected to be paid to controlling the entrance doors, the exhibition hall capacity, the temperatures and sanitary-hygiene measures will be taken.

To organise in-person and virtual events, the Committee will use the IFEMA 5G technology, for exhibitors, visitors and similar activities. In line with the objective of guaranteeing the safety of all the participating businesses, FRUIT ATTRACTION provides exhibitors with the possibility of having two types of stands: Customizable Modular, Basic and Premium. Another innovation in this edition is that the free stand design participating exhibitors will be able to use a Premium Wi-Fi service so that they can make video conference calls.

Apart from the Wi-Fi Premium service, Fruit Attraction will also be launching a B2B- eMeeting service in this new edition so that exhibitors can spend up to 45 minutes on video conference calls with buyers from all over the world, using a Smartphone or laptop.

Furthermore, other similar online activities will be organised from the 14 th of October through the “VIRTUAL FRUIT FORUM”. A new initiative that will put on digital events every day for the whole international community until the in-person trade fair begins.

The director of the trade fair, Raúl Calleja, hopes that “FRUIT ATTRACTION will be a great tribute to all the professionals from the fruit and vegetable sector and that it will contribute to rebuilding international business relations for the whole value chain of the fruit and vegetable sector”.


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