Over recent years the citrus sector has become one of the most active in terms of variety innovation. New materials that, in some cases, represent a breath of fresh air for many operations.

In that sense, varieties such as Nadorcott or M7, both managed by Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E (CVVP), are bringing profits to the sector that spends too much time on production excesses and questionable quality.

CVVP is now managing two new varieties: a mandarin and a lemon.

The first is the Leanri, a high-quality mutation of Clementine x Murcott. Among its main characteristics are its red-orange colour, its round shape, its smooth peel and that it is seedless; it ripens around January-February. “The breeder has established licences for 1 million trees, which have been delivered since last spring. That represents a scope in Spain of around 2,000 hectares”, Reyes Moratal, managing director of CVVP tells us.

As regards the lemon variety, the company is also managing the new Summer Prim variety. Provisionally entered in the commercial varieties register, and pending final registration in the Register of Varieties, one of its main advantages is its ripening date: “It is a natural mutation of the Fino variety which is available for sale during the spring and summer months”, explains Moratal. In other words, it has the same characteristics as the Fino lemon but it reaches the market when there is no longer any production in Spain, which used to mean importation from the southern hemisphere. “It brings competitive value to the sector, because it allows the marketing season of the Fino lemon to be extended”, argues the managing director.

Presence in other sectors
Although currently CVVP manages citrus varieties, Reyes Moratal hopes that the fruit and vegetable sector will see the company as an ideal partner for managing variety protection, regardless of the product concerned. They have the experience, the resources and the know-how, and they make the services available to all because, Moratal insists, “the future of the fruit and vegetable sector is in plant variety protection”

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