‘Join us, grow with us’: our new campaign

With a new message and a much fresher and updated image, we begin a new campaign at CVVP. Our objective? Tell our potential clients, plant breeders and master licensees about all the benefits and advantages of relying on our company to manage their plant varieties.

Why ‘Join us, grow with us’?

It has become our slogan, and indeed joining CVVP, is a synonym of growth, unity and power. Not only does it mean having the support, help and the protection of a leading and well-established company in the fruit and vegetable sector. It means growing in talent, distinction and ambition.

Our company presents itself as being a connecting point and a meeting place for professionals and specialists in the development and renewal of plant varieties. Unity is strength, which is why, we want to give our clients the chance to form a strong community of plant breeders and experts, in which knowledge and experience are shared, and everyone focuses on the same objective: being successful in plant variety management.

An updated image loaded with meaning

The image for our campaign must convey the protection, safety and peace of mind of being able to rely on CVVP to manage plant varieties and also, the unity, growth and the advantages of being part of a group of professionals and experts in the sector.

We have chosen a ring of leaves to convey all these values, which appears on all the promotional gifts, leaflets, letters and packaging that are included in the campaign. This virtuous cycle adds value to the plant variety of our members, it protects it and makes it part of a community of counterparts.

At CVVP we create the perfect atmosphere to completely develop each plant variety. We have à la carte solutions, the necessary tools and the most qualified professionals so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


Follow our blog each week! You can find out more about our plant variety management system and the advantages of joining us and growing with us.

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