Clemcott: because quality matters

Quality is the result of a good product and a job well done.

With just two months to go until the end of the Clemcott season, the trade mark is still making an impression on European markets.

Clemcott has positioned itself as a quality brand. Clemcott is a late season mandarin, available on the market from January to April.

Clemcott presents itself as a unique, quality certified, mandarin, endorsed by Blacklabel, which appears on the secondary packaging.

This citrus season 2016-2017 has revealed, in general, small sizes in almost all mandarin and clementine varieties. However, the Clemcott season remains stable, guaranteeing the Extra Class or Class I in all its fruits. This allows markets, through Clemcott, to continue to guarantee the fruit that customers like.

Best agricultural practice, such as thinning or tree covering systems, allow optimum sizes to be guaranteed and avoid cross-pollination, respectively.

This season, the agricultural union is very satisfied with Clemcott’s results. The brand is consolidating itself on the market, guaranteeing, through selection and certification, stable and homogeneous fruit.

Consumers increasingly demand high-quality in the food products they buy and eat, and their nutritional and health qualities are very important. Clemcott guarantees that the fruit is harvested at the best time for consumption. That way, the product is presented on the market ready to be eaten.

This concept of quality is closely linked to the degree of satisfaction of consumers’ expectations – a very important aspect for producers and suppliers.

Clemcott is a late season mandarin that is quality certified, because good things are worth waiting for.

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