The advantages of trusting in the CVVP to manage your plant variety


The CVVP provides you with all the help that your plant variety needs. As experts and pioneers in managing protected plant varieties in Spain, we give our members the necessary advice on legal and communication matters to develop their plant varieties. 

Our specialised personnel have enough tools to manage and promote any plant variety. Our knowledge of the market enables us to make the development easier and improve the commercial exploitation results of the plant varieties that we manage. 

We are different from other entities that supply similar services because we are a nonprofit business group. As it is organized for purposes other than generating profit, our members benefit from low management costs, which never go up. This reduction in costs is a real advantage for the plant breeders and the licensees, especially during the first few years, until they start making money and get back what they have invested. 

Entrusting the CVVP with your plant variety means that you get the support of those who already have experience in managing protected plant varieties. We share our experience in the sector with our members and we look out for all their interests, with complete transparency and independence. Our personalised advice service guarantees individual attention, and we always act according to the specific instructions of our members.

At CVVP, we provide you with assistance right from when the plant variety is being registered up to the delivery of the planting material from the nurseries to the farmers.

We always keep our members up-to-date about the protection of intellectual property rights, procedures related to licences, the defence of exploitation rights, inspection and supervision in the fields, detecting irregularities and plant variety identification and traceability systems. 


Furthermore, our experience in the sector enables us to get in touch with the Spanish plant breeders and producers to develop new plant varieties and therefore supply the market with top quality innovative products.

We currently manage seven plant varieties, the Nadorcott late ripening mandarin, the Summer Prim lemon, the Leanri late ripening mandarin, the m7 orange and more recently the kiwi, the Rossy, Sunxy01 and Sunxy02 varieties, which will be marketed and sold under the brand name Kibi.


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